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Women Stepping Up is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping women seeking motivation to step up to the challenge of climbing the Manitou Springs Incline to be empowered to do so with support, training, and companionship. Novice program members will be paired with experienced Incline veterans and after eight weeks of progressive physical training and mentoring, participants will successfully climb the 2768 steps of the Incline! Our hope is that those who successfully step onto the top step of the Manitou Springs Incline at the end of the program will not only have improved fitness and strength but will also feel empowered to maintain regular physical activity and have the courage and confidence to better handle the hardships that life presents.


If you've never climbed the beautiful but challenging Manitou Incline and would like to do so with a group of supportive women and in a state of improved fitness and strength, this program is for YOU! Requirements are that you commit to spending 8 weeks improving your fitness for the climb as you follow a simple and progressive training plan with guidance and support from your Incline Veteran AND that you are available to achieve the climb on the chosen date. Most of the training is done on the days and times that work for you - in the comfort of your own home PLUS there will be weekly opportunities to hike, climb stairs, and strength train with others in the group during the training period. Coming alongside each novice, is a supportive and encouraging female Incline Veteran who will provide personalized advice as you train and will then be at your side on the day of the Incline ascent.
This is a rare opportunity - please read on and join us if you are ready to step up!

We have reached our application maximum for 2023. Thank you for your interest!

If you are an experienced Incline user and are interested in offering support, encouragement and companionship to a beginner, please apply to the program as a
after you have confirmed that you are available for the two mandatory program dates listed below.

Important Dates

2/15/2023 - 3/6/2023
Applications for both novice and veteran participants are accepted.

Applicants are notified of acceptance into the program

Week of 3/27/2023
Training begins!

5/17/2023 at 6:30 PM
Stepping Up Send Off Meeting


Stepping Up to the top of the Incline Day!


Apply Now!

NOVICE CLIMBERS:  We have reached our application maximum for 2023. Thank you for your interest!

Veteran Climbers: We have reached our application maximum for 2023.



Please feel free to contact our program administrator at the email listed below or you may fill out the form here. We will get back to you as soon as we can!

Thanks for submitting!

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